Mindfulness for Children

School traditionally focusses on teaching children stuff and then testing them on it. All well and good (although even this focus seems very ‘20th Century’ in an age where a Google search can find stuff for you and the need to memorise facts seems increasingly redundant). How much better to teach children to get in touch with themselves, to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and build from a strong base of self-awareness?


A range of free meditation tracks covering issues children may regularly face, such as exam stress and friendship concerns. Also a number of general tracks for adults too. We offer some paid tracks which are longer. The option to request custom tracks is also coming.


In this course you will learn about some of the research supporting mindfulness for children.

This course is for teachers, administrators, counsellors, parents, social workers, support staff – anyone, in short, who is working with children in an educational setting, and sees the potential that mindfulness has in helping these youngsters make  better sense of the world.

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